It allows us to leap from the constrains of the earth and travel to far away destinations, in many cases it is for an escape and sometimes for the heart. It frees the mind for some and the soul for others, watching as a massive machine lifts off the ground with so much power and force is a thing of beauty and just another flight for others. Those who watched the sky so young still do so, age is not a factor when your heart, mind and soul fall in love with flight. Few experience the feeling and even fewer cherish it, those who respect it? Please continue its legacy for generations to come! This is why we are really here, to capture the past present and future of aviation. So few know the history behind each aircraft and even fewer are willing to learn the story behind each engineering accomplishment. We will continue to do our best to connect those who want to be a part of this tight community. Above it all it is important that we all remember, without each fan of aviation the legacy cannot be carried on. This is a call to action, volunteer your time at your local museum, contribute into maintaing these magnificent historical machines for the generations to come. Lets not drop the torch.

Always ALWAYS "Keep' em flying!"

-FlightlineMedia Staff