FlightlineMedia Team

Who we are and what we are about!


Lead Photographer & Editor

 - Jeff Bonetta 

When Jeff was about 6 years old his father would tell him about his grandfather and his involvement in commercial aviation. His Grandfather was CFO of Alitalia in the 50's and 60's.  Jeff's father then told him stories about his experience working with Aerolinas Argentinas and how he travelled the world; yet his favorite part was always the aviation. Shortly after, Jeff began his love for the sky.  He began to take flying lessons and spent every weekend along with his dad in the cockpit of a Cessna 152 (N757UN to be exact). At about 16, Jeff realized that he disliked being told what to do,and that decision let him to Air Traffic Control which is his passion. Once Jeff graduated High School he began going to school to become an ATC. He successfully completed his Associates and went on to work on his Bachelors in Aeronautical Science. During this time, Jeff also interned at Ontario International in the simulator and worked for the NASA Ames Research Center testing the new ADS-B NextGen System.  Regardless of any misfortunes along the way, Jeff always kept his mind and heart close to an airport and any aviation related events. Jeff began shooting photography (unprofessionally) off and on; after taking courses photography during his college years. He purchased a telephoto lens and took it to an airshow. He took  some shots and posted them, and the feedback Jeff received was overwhelming.  People expressed passion in his work and wanted more; from this point on Jeff focused on delivering the hardest and rarest of aircraft. Jeff donates a lot of his time and knowledge to the Commemorative Air Force SoCal Wing  and is an active member in efforts to attract the next generation into aviation. 

Since childhood, Jeff has had an extreme desire for aviation; this is the drive behind Flightline Media.  Jeff’s passion for WWII Aviation surpasses many things in life. It is because of his particular drive and energy that Flightline Media was born. 

Flightline Media's focus is to bring the show to those who cannot be present at the airshows.  It allows the fans to experience the love for aviation from anywhere in the world.  There is much to observe and learn about aviation, especially since it does not get the recognition it deserves. Many individuals lack the resources and opportunity to get involved with such an organization, and Jeff has made it possible with Flightline Media.  Flightline Media dedicates the time and effort to provide its audience with photographs and media highlighting the passion behind each and every event.

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Photographer & Writer

 - Kelly A. Collin Coulter

Born and raised in Palo Alto, CA and had a passion for aviation from the very beginning.  Her father was into Remote Control planes and scratch built some beautiful masterpieces. Kelly would hang out with him in the garage and help glue and pin ribs where ever she was instructed to. They attended many R/C air shows together up until the day he passed in 2010.  He introduced Kelly to the Reno Air Races in 1985 and it took her 20 years to go back, but she finally made it.  The P51D Mustang has always been her favorite. “What isn’t there to love about the sound of a Rolls Royce Merlin engine going 500+ MPH?! Oh yea!!”

Needless to say her father got her interested in aviation at a young age and it has stuck with her to this day. Kelly has flown in a P51 Mustang four times(including 3 Reno racers), the B17 Flying Fortress three times, the B25 Mitchell twice, a T6, a B24 Liberator, Stearman, WWI Tiger Moth of out The Duxford Museum in England(Kelly actually took the controls), and FiFi the infamous B29 Superfortress. The only one flying in the world to date.   

Kelly now attends the Reno Air Races every year as Media. She got her first Media credentials in 2010 and boy was that a year to remember.  Everything fell into place.  She met and took photos side by side with Paul Bowen, well known aviation photographer, Had her photo taken with two of the SnowBird’s pilots(her dad took one of her and two SnowBird’s pilots in 1985.  She wanted to re-create the same one 25 years later), She went on to win the Media lotto to Outer Pylon 4 on Sunday for the GOLD race,  met the crew of Lou IV and had her photo taken in the cockpit and last but not least one of her photos was published in the 2011 Reno Air Race Program.  

A lot of R/C folks are also involved with the Reno Races.  Pylon Judges, pilots and crew members.  With her connections through the R/C world, Kelly has the best seat in house at the races and we can’t say more. Kelly has worked for and been published in The Airborne Reader, High Flight Magazine and now a photographer & writer for Flightline Media.  She has met some wonderful and interesting people in the world of R/C as well as the full sized aircraft.  Just to name a few Pappy Boyington, Bud Anderson and Robert Morgan, the pilot of the infamous Memphis Belle, Kelly met her soon to be husband Don Coulter through aviation.

“It’s wonderful sharing the passion of aviation with someone who is as crazy about it as I am.” -Kelly A. Collin

She is looking forward to the Air Show season to begin again.



Photographer & Writer 

 - John King 

About John King, commercial rated pilot and well-reputed aviation photographer, John, shown here, is a staple at air races, air shows, and just about anywhere aircraft and aviation lovers congregate. His stunning images of aircraft in-flight and his eye-grabbing static displays on the flight line adorn walls and tabletops worldwide. 

A New York native, John now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. When John is not shooting aircraft he also enjoys shooting sports, cityscapes, and landscapes. John works full time on the technical side of the legal and compliance world. With a profession like that you can well imagine why he would need a creative outlet and why he speaks of himself in the second-person.

You can follow more of his stories and images at: flyerfocus.com or click below.